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You get that craving for a smoothie when out and about, maybe at work? Well don’t worry! There’s no need to buy overpriced refined sugar filled branded smoothies, or juices packed with harmful sweeteners that nobody can even pronounce, because now you can make your own with whichever ingredients you choose…ANYWHERE.

BEAT THEHEAT! (and make something cold and sweet):

Scenario time… You’re on holiday, and you’re in CRAZY humidity baking away in the hot sun. You and a bunch of other eager travellers have been driven an hour into the middle of nowhere to see some amazing sights, but all of the other travellers have had a bit of a dampener put on them. The drinks they have been provided with are all bland, well… that sucks for them but not for you! Because you made your favourite juice in your “Blendmee Portable


Maybe you’re camping and it’s cold, you’ve just boiled some veggies together with all your favourite spices, and now you need to make it so smooth, you’d think that you were in the Ritz. Well now you can, and it will cost you a miniscule fraction of the price. Same if you’re camping and its hot, grab some ice and some coffee and whip yourself up a nice Iced Latte to give you energy for a day of hiking.


It isn’t just food, you can use this blender when you go fishing tomake DIY dubbing that can be used to tie fly fishing baits. Put small pieces of different coloured yarn in the blender and the blades turn the yarn into fuzz. That fuzz is wrapped onto thread, and then that fuzzed thread is wound around a fish hook, this in turn makes the fish hook look like the body of a bug. INGENIOUS!


1.One Touch Switch Portable Blender】

The Blendmee Portable has a magnetic induction switch, by double clicking the power button to start. which can ONLY work when the two magnetic poles of the jar and the base are attached (for safety reasons).

【2.Portable Blender USB Rechargeable】

The Blendmee Portable comes equipped with a built-in rechargeable1300mAh capacitybattery that can be easily charged by a power bank, laptop, computer, mobile phone, or other USB devices. It’s ideal for the office, gym, outdoors, traveling, camping, or fishing.

【3.Upgrade 6 Blades Mixing】

The 6 Blade Blendmee Portable is more powerful than the traditional 4 Mini Blades, with Steel blades at a speed fast 22,000 RPM. This can effortlessly make juices, and vegetables into amazing smoothies or even soups, leaving no chunks of fruit and ice, easy to go.

【4.One Touch Switch Rinse】

Blendmee Portable‘s cup is detachable, easy to clean, and easy to flush. Just add water and an optional drop of soap, and run your Blendmee Portable until it is clean.

【5.Smart Safety Protection】

Blendmee Portable embraces a unique safety design including a safety indication light, induction automatic stop design, and silicone charging port protection. Power-off protection, and overload protection.


1. Please read the contents of this manual before using it.
2. Motor seat can’t be soaked in water, in order to avoid the risk of leakage.
3. Do not touch rotation of component.
4. Container material should not exceed 2/3 of container, tighten cup cover when using.
5. During the stirring process, when the portable blender is stuck with food, please turn off the power and remove the stuck hard matter and reboot.
6. The portable blender should not be filled with untender meat, cannot directly grind dried fruit and hard beans products, direct grinding will cause blender failure to affect the portable blender life, however with liquids it is possible.
7. Please drink in time, long-term storage will produce odour.
8. Please charge the juice cup for 3 hours for the first time. The juice cup cannot be used during the charging process. Charging bank, mobile phone plug, computer USB arbitrary charge.
9. Cut the objects you use into small pieces as far as possible before juicing, and be sure to add water or milk when juicing.
10. Please turn on the blade upside down during use. Shake the blade up and down 45 degrees or 180 degrees after starting, and adjust the shaking speed according to the consistency of the food.
11. When cleaning, do not put the base in water to clean, in order to waterproof access to the base damage electronic components.

How to use?

1. Cut the fruit into small pieces about 1.5cm x 1.5cm
2. Put the fruit pieces into bottle accounted for about 60% of the cup
3. Add water(milk or other liquid with not exceeding 80% volume of cup)
4. Press the one-click switch button to start, and gently shake the product (better to slowly rotate 45 degrees) while blending, fully shredding everything
5. When the blender has stopped, turn off the power switch, and unscrew the cover to drink
6. Note: If the pomace fills too much, please use the filter net to filter before drinking.

Product parameter:

Product name: Blendmee Portable
Power: 5W
Battery Capacity: 1300mAh
Motor Standards: DC5V
Material: Food Glade PP+304 Stainless Steel+PC+ABS+Silicone
Product Weight: 0.45KG
Use Time: More Than 20 Times Every Charge
Accessories: Main cup, USB Charge, Manual Book, Cleaning brush


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